Whether it’s your bar, ballroom, theatre, or even your Winnebago, Heather’s untamed improvisational comedy will leave your audiences in stitches and begging for more.

The Ladies in My Closet is a 7 character improvisational quick change comedy. Heather Tait attempts to escape from her all consuming closet- full of costumes that would make Cher blush, and people that will make you blush. Join the ever-welcoming, always tipsy Hostess, walk on the wild side with Doreen the biker chick, be beguiled by Fiona the little girl, pay heed to Hildi the mid west advice columnist, be scandalized by Charlotte the aging party girl, be confounded by Candy Cotton- former waitress/stripper turned Country Western singer and take a leap with Lucinda the performance “artiste” – a whirlwind romp of laughs! Book now and watch Heather bring these women to robust and sometimes raunchy life- as one reviewer put it “The Ladies in My Closet is six degrees of sublime comedy!”

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